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The Band

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and which cannot remain silent"

Puneet | Vocals / Guitar

Album: Alpha Blend

Hot Single: Sound Ok Horn, Gul

Featured On: Radiocity, Worldspace

Saumya | Percussions / Vocals

Album: Nadiyaa, A.B.A.H., Phire Elaam (Times Music)

Hit Single: Poochhe Ye Dil Se, A.B.A.H., Ghar

Featured On: MTV, Channel V, B4U, Radio City

Malvika | Vocals

Performed with: Pt. Birju Maharaj & Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasiya

Hit Single: Ghar

Featured On: AIR, ETV, finalist at Sa Re Ga Ma

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Some gup chup from friends

Vaishnavi Prasad, Accenture

Thank you Dwi for rocking Accenture. We had a lovely evening thanks to your group's wonderful performance that kept us on our feet. Its seldom you can get a crowd on its feet for the entire 90 mins; You have done that and in what style!

On behalf of our entire group, we thank you for a lovely and rocking evening and I can't wait to have you over for our next event.

Anand, SAP

All my friends at CD have 1 common message - "This was the best live performance we've witnessed at SAP. Your team is really superb and out of the world! Umpteen cheers for Dwi! Thanks for the wonderful evening.

Vikas Gautam, Synopsys

Dwi..Saumya, Malvika and Puneet....you guys rocked last evening...couldn't have asked for a better...performance on the silver jubilee celebrations of Synopsys Inc, with our CEO in the audience. Loved the way you engaged the audience.. brought all the synopsoids on the dance floor....wanted the band to go on and on....the entire evening.....We are going to have you back again soon...Impressive...it was ...flawless...superb audio...and captivating...as in last two occasions a thoroughly professional performance.....it was thru the evening.

Tulika Shekr, Total Environment

True rockstars! Amazing entertainers! Dwi was everyone's favorite On 10th July at Chowdiah Hall on Total Environment's 16th Foundation Day celebrations! What was thought to be a gloomy after lunch session - proved to be the exact opposite! They got everyone applauding, snapping to their tunes, tapping to the beats! Rocking melodies relived through their amazing musical performance!! Well done guys!

Thanks for amazing performance! At the end all we can say is We luved Dwi!

Sumit Negi

Dwi rocked Mysore yesterday with their all enthusiastic, romantic, catchy, peppy songs... Couldn't stop myself from dancing to their tunes... Everyone was so much excited by your performances that you were the talk of the town.

Runa Sikdar, White Spaces

When we came across few of Dwi's latest productions, our search for a fresh, talented, original & honest band came to an end. Our client’s product to which they had to cater with a corporate tune was a small, compact and modern villa that is a dream of any young couple to own. So it had to be classy, neat and messaging out the inner heart of what it means is HOME, or may be a NEST! The first tune got made by Dwi as they wrote, composed and performed it with an amazing melody, called '9i`Ghar'!

Nishant Bansal, Mantri Espana

Fantastic team.. Really memorable Diwali evening at Espana. Kudos to Team Dwi!

"A Fan."

Neeraj Khanna, Purva Riviera

Dwi is a very unique, out of the box, creative and a happy go lucky type of a Hindi band which we at Purva Riviera just LOVE. They are performing almost every year for us and residents are never satisfied and want more. Puneet / Malvika / Saumya are a great team and it is a pleasure to listen to them always!

Ratnesh Sharma, InMobi

Thank you Dwi for a wonderful evening at Park Square. From the opening strains of "Piyu Bole", you had the audience (across five floors) mesmerized and clapping along. Your energy is infectious and wish you could had played for an additional two hours!

Monalisa Deb, Intel

It was amazing to wach 3 rockstars' live performance... Amazing quality of singing, unique instruments, choice of songs, confident stage presence... Overall a complete show pulled the crowds to dance with their tunes... Way to go 'Dwi'!!
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